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  1. General

These general terms and conditions apply to purchases made in our online store. Please read them carefully before ordering our products. You must accept them to proceed with a purchase. By doing so, you consent to abide by all the provisions stated below.

Individuals can place orders in the online store. These general terms and conditions apply to consumers.

The Eillom Company is owned by Eillom Holding AB and is a Swedish company governed by Swedish law, including EU regulations and directives. Additionally, The Eillom Company strives to always comply with the consumer protection laws and regulations applicable in the buyer’s country of residence. The Eillom Company cannot guarantee that these terms comply with all applicable consumer protection laws. Nothing in these terms excludes or limits The Eillom Company’s liability for matters where such an exclusion would be unlawful under the law.

The Eillom Company reserves the right to refuse a person to place an order if, in accordance with the applicable laws in their country of residence, they do not have the right or legal capacity to enter into a binding agreement with The Eillom Company. By placing an order, you confirm that you have the legal right and capacity to enter into agreements with The Eillom Company.

  1. Price

All prices are inclusive of all taxes (VAT and other applicable taxes) unless otherwise stated below. Prices may be specified in multiple payment currencies.

If the goods are shipped from Sweden to Sweden: prices are inclusive of all taxes (Swedish VAT including 25%).

If your delivery address is located in a country other than the departure address of the goods within the European Union:

Prices are inclusive of all taxes applying VAT in the country to which you want the goods to be delivered (destination country) in accordance with the rules set out in Articles 33 and 59 of Directive 2006/112/EC, in force since 1 July 2021.

If your delivery address is located in a country outside the European Union (excluding the United Kingdom):

Prices are exclusive of tax pursuant to Article 146 of Directive 2006/112/EC. L.a Bruket acts as an exporter from the European Union (FCA). When ordering products on for delivery outside the European Union (except for the case of the United Kingdom), you as a customer may be subject to duties and payment of taxes for the import. Any additional customs clearance costs will be your responsibility; The Eillom Company has no control over these charges. Customs policies vary greatly from country to country, so you should contact your local customs department for more information. Please note that when placing an order on, you are considered the registered importer and must comply with all laws and regulations in the country where you receive the products. We advise our international customers that cross-border deliveries are likely to be opened and inspected by customs authorities.

If your delivery address is in the United Kingdom:

Prices are inclusive of all taxes (including UK VAT at 20%). The Eillom Company acts as an exporter from the European Union and as an importer in the United Kingdom under Incoterm DDP. When ordering products on, you will not be subject to any duty and payment of import taxes or customs duties that remain the responsibility of The Eillom Company.

In any case, applicable prices and applicable VAT rates are fixed on the date of placing the order. We do our best to indicate additional costs on the website, but we cannot provide any guarantee for products purchased by a customer residing outside the EU. We reserve the right to change prices and to correct obvious input errors on the website, in advertisements, or in marketing materials. When The Eillom Company launches an online campaign, the price or offer will be valid until the product is out of stock or until the end of the specified period.

  1. Product Information

Our skincare products have an optimal expiry date. We guarantee that the product will retain all its qualities until that date. The expiry date is only a recommendation. The product can be used long after this date, but its effectiveness and scent may deteriorate.

As we use natural ingredients, these may vary from season to season depending on weather and soil conditions. Therefore, some batches may have differences in scent, for example, despite an identical formula. If you have any questions about our products, please contact customer service.

The Eillom Company cannot guarantee that all products correspond to the images on the website, nor that the ingredients will be presented in exactly the same way on the site and on the labels. This presentation may vary depending on laws and regulations. However, we always strive to present our products as faithfully as possible.

Products sold by The Eillom Company comply with mandatory Swedish certifications, legal requirements, and standards. The Eillom Company disclaims all liability for the products sold in the online store complying with any other standard, certification, legal requirement, or similar provision applicable in another country.

  1. Stock Availability

All products offered for sale are in stock unless otherwise stated. If a product is out of stock for any reason when your order is to be shipped, you will be notified by email and given the opportunity to wait for replenishment, choose another product, or request a refund.

  1. Use of Information, Photos, etc.

The information on our website/online store is protected, among other things, by intellectual property and commercialization legislation. This means that trademarks, trade names, photos, illustrations, patterns, layouts, and information related to the products, services, and other content may not be copied or used without prior written consent from The Eillom Company or its licensors. We may take legal action for unauthorized use without notice.

  1. Agreement and Order Confirmation

When you place an order, you enter into an agreement with Eillom Holding AB (for more information about the company, see point 15 below).

We confirm receipt of your order by sending a confirmation email. We recommend that you keep it in case you need to contact our customer service, carrier, etc. This is also your receipt.

  1. Payment

You can pay for your purchase using the payment methods described in the online store. We reserve the right not to systematically offer all payment methods to all customers. If you pay by credit card, the transaction is carried out in cooperation with Klarna, our payment service provider.

If you pay by invoice, The Eillom Company has the right to receive payment and any other related rights to Klarna. Payments on invoices should therefore be made exclusively to Klarna, and in addition to these terms, Klarna’s general terms and conditions will apply. Click here for Klarna’s Terms and Conditions.

All products remain the property of The Eillom Company until full payment is received.

  1. Returns

According to the law, you have the right to return unopened and unused packaging within 30 days from when you receive the package

Any returns should be sent to:

Eillom Holding AB

Attention: The Eillom Company

Magnarpsvägen 101

266 55 Vejbystrand


If you want to return an item, please contact us at

All products purchased from retailers are handled by our retailers. In case of problems, returns, or other issues, please contact the relevant retailers.

  1. Company Information and Contact Details

For contact, see the following details:

Eillom Holding AB

Attention: The Eillom Company

Magnarpsvägen 101

266 55 Vejbystrand